Sattilite Internet IP question

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02-08-2008 19:27:33

I have Sattilite internet due to where I live I just want to make sure it's ok to start doing freebie sites before I start?


04-08-2008 05:59:13

Most of the major sites have no doubt dealt with satellite ISP's by now, however the smaller/newer ones may not have. I've even seen it in some TOS that satellite users were linotli allowed.

So I would suggest that you send a support e-mail/ticket to each site and ask before completing offers, and then you'll know for sure.

The problem with satellite ISP's is that they appear to be proxies, since the connection must be routed through terrestrial proxy servers. Not only that, but thousands of people can go through the same proxy and appear to be sharing an IP (you, for example, have the same IP here as 4 other members ;) )

Again, most freebie networks (or anti-fraud scripts) that been around awhile are aware of this and can distinguish the legitimate satellite proxies from the "bad" proxies, but you don't want to take risks IMO.


04-08-2008 13:16:18

Thanks for the input I will just make sure to put a support ticket in b4 I do the offer.