So Referrals are like Circles?

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31-07-2008 09:07:03

Catchy title.

Anyhow, I'm very new at this.. spent that last few hours going through a lot of the rules & help topics, but have some very direct questions I'd like to clarify.

So assuming one is looking at just trading, JUST in TRAINN it would be dumb to sign up with no referral? Would the best idea to be paid by someone to sign up under their referral & then complete an offer... let them go green & then can you still use your account to get your referrals. So it's like a circle........ or not?

By the way, I'm in Canada and have no credit card, am I in a very big disadvantage for just TRAINN stuff? (for now! until I can branch out)

Thanks a lot in advance.


31-07-2008 09:53:37

Well, you're going to be hard-pressed (see you won't anymore) find any offers that don't require a credit card, and being in Canada only limits you more.

I think you kind of answered your own question though, why wouldn't you want to get paid for something you're going to do anyway?

It's more like a chain than a circle.


31-07-2008 10:45:21

That's how my neighbor explained it to me, lol


31-07-2008 13:16:40

You have killed it.