No Feedback screen

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25-07-2008 20:11:53

Hi, I just used the trade screen to request TR and the screen did not appear to add feedback. how do I get to the feedback screen? (my pop up blocker is turned off)


25-07-2008 20:56:56

Well it used to be assumed that if you did not/ were not able to add feedback at the exact moment you were prompted to do so, that you would just be S.O.L. for that transaction. HOWEVER, I remember reading a post from TSJ not too long ago that said if you go back into the trade update screen and re-update your trade from "request TR" to "gone green" or whatever you did, and then go back to "request TR" again, it should prompt for feedback again.

No one verified if this worked or not, but since he is a mod, I'm assuming he knows what he's talking about.

There's another post somewhere that explains how to fix this if it is a recurring problem as well. I'll try to find it, but if I can't it has something to do with the browser you're using. It was something about not having the most updated IE, or not using IE at all and instead using Firefox, or something to that effect, but I'll check it out and edit my post if I find it.