Di I breach the terms and conditions?

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16-07-2008 23:34:40

I hope someone can help answer my question, so I'll give you a rundown of my situation. It just dawned on me that I might be in breach of the terms and conditions from yourfreevideoipods.com, but it is totally inadvertent. I signed up about 5 months ago when I was living in D.C. (I have all my offers in and I'm waiting on confirmation of my last one). Now I am in PA and have a new computer and a new router than the one I signed up under, BUT my brother who lives at a totally different address has MY OLD ROUTER and he just signed up using my referral, but on a different computer. Someone please tell me that this won't somehow mess with my eligibility or make it look like I tried to sign up twice. But if it does what can I do to clear myself. He hasn't completed an offer or anything though, just signed up.

thanks in advance,



17-07-2008 00:58:52

What matter is IP address, not the physical router. So long as you did not sign up at the same place (or do offers at the same place) you should be fine.


17-07-2008 10:21:23

Yeah, it's highly unlikely he would have the same IP address as you did. As long as the physical and IP addresses are different, and there's no appearance of collusion on the offer completions, I don't see any way your accounts could be linked/flagged.

Might be worth a support ticket to be up front about it, or perhaps Trainn-Alan will reply here.


28-07-2008 05:37:55

Trainn is usually better about IP stuff than most anyway. You should notify them that you have moved by support ticket, however.