PM limit

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10-07-2008 09:53:00

Why does it say I get 8 outgoing PMs when it is blocking me at 4 per 24 hrs? and I can't even send a PM to the ADMIN...

"As a newer member, you are currently subject to temporary PM restrictions that limit the number of Private Messages you can send to non-staff members to no more than 8 per 24 HOUR period. You may wish to conserve your outgoing PMs during this time.
This restriction will lift automatically after a period of time, at which time this message will no longer appear. "


10-07-2008 10:42:15

The premature limitation bug should now be fixed. Sorry, I thought I fixed this while on vacation last week but it was a rush job, and I just realized that I only checked the fixed code into CVS but never actually updated the forum directory... duh.

And if you're trying to send messages to "Admin" then that's your problem -- his account does not accept PM's. However sending PM's to any other staff members are not limited and should work fine.