Anyone had problems with poster pass?

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08-07-2008 13:22:40

I ordered some posters from poster pass and its been like 3 weeks and i still haven't gotten anything yet. I try to login and it says my account dosent exist. I do the "I forgot my password" and they said it sent an email and i never get one. What the hell, anyone else had this problem evil evil evil


08-07-2008 17:12:22

did they charge your credit card?


09-07-2008 12:53:36

NM my stupid bonehead apartment mangers never notified me it came in. You think after a package has been sitting in their little room they keep everyones over sized mail in for 2 weeks, maybe there some miscommunication some where. rolleyes


09-07-2008 14:20:19

look for the $40 charge on your CC...


13-07-2008 08:04:29

No wonder I never did that offer! Thanks doylnea, that was my suspicion, and why I avoided it...speaking as a trader of course. wink