non- CC offers?

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20-06-2008 16:55:56

Im new to this and im only 16 and i do not have a credit card. I was wondering if there are any sites that have offers that do not require a credit card?


20-06-2008 18:31:23

At 16, I am not sure if you meet the age requirements.. you should check the TOS on a few sites!!


20-06-2008 18:39:03

Check out

We have a great non-cc website for you to check out ) It's called Zerodollardeal


20-06-2008 19:54:00

ZDD requires that the user be 18, per the TOS. requires parental permission for participation if a user is under the age of 18. LucroCash has many, many non-CC offers.


21-06-2008 13:58:55

Hey there,

Welcome aboard. There are many nocc sites, and many regular, referral based sites that have offers that don't require a credit card.

YGF ( http// ) has a 13 and older policy, and you are most welcome there.

Hope you enjoy yourself here on the forum, meet some cool people, and make some summer cash!

Margot ;)