How much do you pay out of your pocket?

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12-06-2008 06:31:58

How much do you usually pay out of your pocket to gain your profits from cashing out on sites?

like trying to get 120 out would you pay up to 60 bucks to your refs?


12-06-2008 13:50:25

It used to be you would pay out around half of what you would make. These days, people are getting greedy and sometimes you half to pay out a lot more. If you don't, then people will go to someone who is paying out a bunch.


18-06-2008 18:58:03

You can still get by with only paying out 50%. Lots of newbies jump on the first offers they read. But the more experienced traders are looking for the higher pay outs.


25-06-2008 20:58:58

yea anywhere from half maybe a little more, it's still a good system either way