Question about paypal

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11-06-2008 14:56:49

it has been a while since i have done some freebie site but before i was doing some green for green but now i want to try some green for money trade

so i open myself a Paypal account and i am certified ok but i just want to how can you send money from your bank to the paypal account !!

i really want to start because i have only the basic account ( which can only receive from other 650$ a month) and my account reset date is almost in a week so i would like to be able to finish a freebie before.

I need your help, so that after i will be able to pay high tr member upfront for a green D

sandra habina

11-06-2008 23:23:43

I would read more information at paypal dear. And do not worry too much - it may take more than a week to finish a site. OK

Happy Trading and Good Luck to you