aloud to post referal?

Live forum:


30-05-2008 09:56:14

I want to post my referral link for referral to referral trading. I need to trade with 6 people for 6 greens!
I allow PM requests.... but is this all aloud???

edit- found it, sorry. Though Anyone here that I can be referred to do trading.


30-05-2008 11:07:39



06-06-2008 01:10:46

[quotebb959036c3="TFOAF"]"allowed"[/quotebb959036c3]Were you simply correcting him, or ...

Have I been gone so long that FiPG now allows ref links to be posted, since they used to be grounds for being banned ... Feel free to clarify. Maybe I'll be back again ...

And yes, I'm fully aware that I bumped a week old thread, lol.


06-06-2008 06:09:49

I ban some people for even asking if posting reflinks is allowed, or even posting in threads ASKING if reflinks are allowed. Last week a guy mentioned his CUFFLINKS and I banned his ass too.

Srsly though, trade module is still the only safe home for a reflink around here.