what happened to free4every1 they havent paid me

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10-05-2008 20:05:45

Ive been approved, what do i do? Ive emailed them 7 times and have in two support tickets that havent been answered. Ive been waiting 2 months now. Anyone know whats going on with free4every1?


14-05-2008 18:12:42

doesnt anybody know anything?

sandra habina

15-05-2008 07:06:54

DID THIS SITE GET SOLD? Someone must know some information please. Anyone???


15-05-2008 07:30:48

Jason Cruz, the owner, bought AdExhibit which is an affiliate network (started and owned by Kerms). We don't run any offers from them. Later this evening I'll look for an email from him that may have contact information.