Question about this FiPG site

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10-05-2008 10:27:22

When does the 8PMs/24 hour provision for new members end?

Btw, I'm involved in two trades right now(beginning process) and there's no way to let them know that I unable to contact them right now...because of this

kind of frustrating


10-05-2008 11:40:39

The mods are secretive about when this limit can be lifted. Certain parameters have to be met, but they don't want you to know what they are because you could, in effect, manipulate those limitations and artificially satisfy them.

In the future, include your email address in your PM's so that they can contact you, but for now, try posting your email address in the thread on which you started your trade.

sandra habina

10-05-2008 20:59:12

Do you have yahoo messenger or AIM? Perhaps you can communicate that way with your traders who you have a trade with.

You can include your ID's on your profile for these messengers.