Opera Browser?

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24-04-2008 19:57:55

I use Opera as my default browser; will this interfere with my ability to compete offers and get credited? How important is it to use Internet Explorer? I have disabled IE on my computer and am wondering if I have to reactivate and use it, or if opera (or I could download firefox) is adequate.


24-04-2008 20:52:02

As long as you have your browser settings set on "Accept All Cookies" and turn off any pop-up blockers

But I would seriously recommend firefox... it's really friendly.


25-04-2008 05:20:52

Firefox has worked well with all freebie site's I've ever done, however I ran across a couple of [icd128e0a0d]offers[/icd128e0a0d] years ago that would only work in IE. Haven't seen that lately though, as most professional websites have learned their lesson and support standards compliant browsers now.

You'll most likely be okay, but I would err on the side of caution and suggest Firefox. It has a much larger market share, and if there are still sites out there that are poorly coded to standard, Opera is more likely to break than Firefox I would imagine.


27-04-2008 13:16:41

Thanks both of you. I'm downloading firefox now.