TRAINN ?? No response..Waiting a Month..

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13-04-2008 17:42:02

OK In case it isnt obvious Im a 1st timer.So I hope I explain this properly.Heres my predicament,Im trying to get a ps3 from TRAINN,I completed my REFS.on 3/7 submitted my acct.On 3/13 it cleared,I placed my order,was given a EST. ship date of 3/27 and Status was Recieved.Well since 3/13 nothing has changed on my Order history or Details screen.On 4/1 I sent a email through their contact link and got the auto response on 4/2 Nothing since.... Is this the norm for these guys or is something messedup?Thats what led me here looking for help.So any Help,suggestions or Ideas will be greatly appreciated.THANKS BEN


13-04-2008 18:10:23

I know Trainn has been having a few delayed shipping issues as of late, but you won't get screwed, I DO know that much. TraInn and Alan are highly respected around here.

Try posting this in the Transcendent Innovations Forum on the Forums page. Alan himself will definitely answer you if you post there. If you post here, you'll just get jackasses like me D


14-04-2008 08:38:11

Yeah, Trainn seems to be one of if not the best free site out there. Maybe request paypal instead of the gift? Sometimes its not the site, but its the people they get their gifts from. Trainn doesn't have a shit ton of ps3's in stock, they send an order into a 3rd party who sends you the ps3 so it could be them. But like Travman said, Trainn wont screw you.