Please help me to get Xbox\payment\PS3.

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31-03-2008 04:53:58

Hello all )

I am new here,
I am trying long time to get my PS3 or Xbox but I can't get it.
I don't know how to get it, so please help me.

I need sites that send gifts for all countries ( I live in Israel); Please show me ways to get it.

Thank you all.


31-03-2008 05:06:17

1.) This is posted in the wrong place as this isn't really a technical question.

2.) I think you are going to have a hard time finding sites with offers that you can do


31-03-2008 05:18:03

Where do I need to post it ?
Why it's going to be hard ?

thanks and sorry.


31-03-2008 07:02:02

You've posted this in a technical help forum, it's not a general freebie help forum. I'm moving it to the Help forum.

The reason you're going to have a hard time is that most freebie sites and incentivized offers are open primarily to U.S. customers. There are a few who support Canadian and UK members, maybe more of Europe, but probably few if any that support Israel. Especially that ship gifts like the PS3 or XBox -- if you find any at all, they'll probably be cash-only sites.


31-03-2008 07:27:26

Ok thanks.
Can you please give me good sites that pays by Check ?


02-04-2008 15:25:57

pm me and I will help you