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26-03-2008 14:49:00

Hello Everybody !
This one may be for the moderators..
I wasn't sure about where and how to ask it though, here i go and i hope not to be doing the wrong thing.
I'm starting to work with a new Affiliate Network and I'm testing them, as well as their offers. For that purpose I'm dropping some offers on a page and if it works fine for me I'll move it to my site. And the questions is... Am i allowed to start a trade here and pay people based on the offers they did complete ? I'm asking it because everybody around the forum use to pay for referrals and this is not my case.There's no referrals at all, the person will just go there and complete an offer and I'll send the payment as soon as i see the offer completed.
Thank you!


26-03-2008 15:51:29

So do you mean that you want to pay people to green without them actually greening under your ref link?

You just want to pay them to do an offer to see if you can use it on your site?

Can I just make a point?

If they allow this, you are going to be paying way more out of pocket to pay a person to try an offer than you would if you just tried the offer yourself.

Alternately, I know you are only supposed to try offers you are interested in personally, but this seems to circumvent that as you are not trying to rip the offer off, you are trying to enter into a business relationship with each one.

This is definitely one for the mods, but I just know you're going to end up paying around $30/offer, and it would ultimately be way cheaper for you to try it out yourself.


26-03-2008 16:05:07

Hi there !
Thank you for your reply. I was trying to give a quick explanation which is not that easy when you want to make long stories short though, i'll change my words in order to make it clear...
I was just trying to ask if i'm allowed to start a trade and pay people to complete offers on my site...

But.. i thought i have to explain that these offers are not on my official site. I placed them somewhere else in one of my domains...


26-03-2008 23:50:02

I'm confused.. Are you a site owner? or just have direct contact with the actual offers


27-03-2008 11:00:17

[quote5dfb93e2e5="puppeteer"]I'm confused.. Are you a site owner? or just have direct contact with the actual offers
Hi there !

Yes i'm a site owner though, i have a separate web page where a use to test the offers. What do you mean by test you may ask ??
I want to check if my links are properly setup, if the network i'm working with has a reliable tracking system so, i get credit(paid) for the offers completed by my visitors and many other things...

Let's say my website address is

Though, if someone is interested in complete some offers for me he/she will be sent to another web address like.

Got it ?