Initiating Trade Problem(Internet Explorer)

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24-03-2008 10:28:28

I recently upgraded to the latest internet explorer. Since that time I have been having problems initiating trades with anyone. I will click the "Intiate Trade" on their profile and the screen will immediately flick to a page with this message

Failed. This can happen for several reasons
- You tried to initiate a trade with yourself
- You included a link in the subject (add it later in the "notes" field)
- Your subject was too short. Make it meaningful.

The box that pops up for me to enter the subject of the trade doesn't even display, it just flicks straight to the page with the error message.

I then switch to Mozilla Firefox and I am able to intiate a trade with no problem.

Anyone else experiencing this?


24-03-2008 11:02:20

It's an IE7 security issue and has been a problem since IE7 was released. We have several threads on the subject here.

You can set your security level down a notch from IE7's default, or if you're too paranoid, you can add to your safe sites list.


24-03-2008 19:52:10

Sorry, I didn't see the other threads on this.

Thanks Alot!


24-03-2008 23:31:07

[quoteb33273ad43="Matt_2040"]Sorry, I didn't see the other threads on this.

Thanks Alot![/quoteb33273ad43]

Or you can use the friendly firefox )