Question about Trainn and borrowed credit card

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18-03-2008 10:57:10

Some of my referrals on Trainn don't have credit cards. I know that certain sites don't mind if you lend the same credit card that you used on an offer to be used by your referral on theirs, but what is Trainn's policy?

Do the sites even give Trainn the credit card and billing information?


18-03-2008 11:52:11

Do your referrals honestly intend to keep those offers they're trying with your credit card? And do you honestly intend to let them, if they enjoy the offer?

That's a no-no..


18-03-2008 12:34:28

even if he found one that's just a one time payment? I don't see why that would be a problem. Does Trainn even get the credit card info from the site?


20-03-2008 14:22:44

maybe post this on the trainn thread listed on the freeipodguide forums index. Maybe they can answer your question.