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17-03-2008 13:22:03

Can I insert html code in my signature box? Or does it have to be text only?


17-03-2008 13:50:02

Signatures support the same BBCode and limited HTML as forum posts. Several HTML tags are enabled, but not all, and you must be careful not to enter some malformed markup (such as forgetting certain closing tags) that will break the forum page layout. That hasn't been a problem yet, but if it ever does happen I'll have to disable HTML (or at least any that can affect layout).

Since there is no preview for signatures, if you're looking to make an elaborate HTML sig, I would recommend the following steps to ensure you don't break anything
  1. [li1690f83115]Create your sig in a local HTML file and open it in your browser. Verify that it looks good, all tags are closed, etc. If it looks okay...
    [li1690f83115]Pick a forum and begin as if you were going to create a new post. Cut & paste your sig HTML into the edit box, however, [b1690f83115]DO NOT[/b1690f83115] submit the post -- just click Preview. Note the Quick Reply box at the bottom of a topic won't work for this, since there is no Preview. If it looks good there and doesn't seem to break the forum, back out of the post (do NOT submit it) and...
    [li1690f83115]Edit your profile and paste the code into your signature box.[/listo1690f83115]
    Some HTML caveats[list1690f83115][li1690f83115]phpBB requires any HTML attributes to be enclosed in double quotes, ala XHTML.
    [li1690f83115]Don't add carriage returns to your markup, because phpBB (whether by bug or design) converts all line terminators to br tags and appends them to the end of your code -- so if you format your HTML as one normally should for human readability, you will have a lot of empty space at the bottom when phpBB renders it. Once I've tested HTML destined for the forum, I always strip all excess whitespace, including line terminators, so the markup is all on one long line.
    [li1690f83115]Signature space is limited to 500 characters currently, so don't try to get too elaborate -- 500 characters go by fast.[/listu1690f83115]


17-03-2008 15:02:32

I almost have it now, but how do I get the text to Center? [center][/center] doesnt work.


17-03-2008 15:06:31

Nevermind, just found it. Thanks!!!


17-03-2008 15:07:04

just testing my sig here.


18-03-2008 09:22:52

Looks great!!