I'd like to join git-r-free but I'm confused!

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12-03-2008 07:04:08

Ok, first off, I'm not new to this...but as I haven't done any free sites in over 2 years, I guess I'm sort of starting off from scratch. These sites look like the best ones i've seen and I think I'm going to start with one of them. I am however a bit confused as to how they work. I saw this...

Credits Required 5.0
Payout $220/Ref

Credits Required 4.0
Payout $180/Ref

Credits Required 4.0
Payout $180/Ref

But what does it all mean? Credits Required. I saw that the offers on the sites give you credits for completion, so is that what that means? All of your referrals for "getaround.git-r-free.com" would need 4 credits? and the Payout $xxx/Ref. What is that??

I guess I'm just trying to figure out how these particular sites work.

Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you want!

Thanks a ton!



12-03-2008 07:08:55

so... MakeRhappy requires 5 credits. That means that you (and your refs) would have to complete 5 full credit offers or 10 1/2 credit offers or 20 1/4 credit offers, or any combination there of. If you received 1 referral, you would be paid $220. If you received 2 referrals, you would be paid $440, and so on.


12-03-2008 07:21:12

So, then do I use the amount of referrals that I have got to either trade in for the $$ amount, or for the item that I want?


12-03-2008 08:03:13

U can do either or. U can get cash pay with min of 2 refs when submit custom order.


13-03-2008 10:53:17

I can see where it could be confusing to someone who is not familiar with Git-R-Free sites. I'm not sure whose post that came from, but maybe they could clarify what they're referring to when they say $$/ref. Some may take that as what they are to be paid for completing the site~not what the site will pay you when you start cashing out.

sandra habina

13-03-2008 13:52:20

Just to let you know git-r-free network has many other sites that require 1 or 2 credits also. They are not all 3 - 4 or 5 credits. Good points brought up above. Also you can ask in the git-r-free sub forum and the site could explain more and even list all of their sites for you.

Best of luck to you. )


14-03-2008 09:47:13

I've got it all pretty much figured out. Now I've just gotta figure out what offers to do! there's a ton of them!!! Any suggestions on which ones are easy/cheap(preferably under $5)? I'm signed up for ducttapedbundles, and need 4 credits...I've already got 0.33 -)