Phone Calls?

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11-03-2008 14:21:16

What kind of stuff do you usually have to deal with when signing up for these sites? ie do you ever receive phone calls, spam e-mail/mail?

sandra habina

11-03-2008 17:47:44

Many traders will create an email just for trades and offers. That keeps the emails in one area and not on your main account.

Yes some offers do call you to confirm. No biggie.


11-03-2008 18:22:14

[quote04fd64a4b4="Lyle"]What kind of stuff do you usually have to deal with when signing up for these sites? ie do you ever receive phone calls, spam e-mail/mail?[/quote04fd64a4b4]

I strongly suggest what sandy said. Set up a separate email account. you will be glad you did. you may want to use a separate credit card too, but that is just preference.

Also, if you're trying to avoid an inbox flood, stay the hell away from the credit lender sites. Jesus Christ, it is completely ridiculous.


11-03-2008 18:42:25

Between freebie sites and the advertisers themselves, yes you will get swamped with spam. Especially if you do DIY sites such as I-Deal -- I have some e-mail accounts that were used [id6123721e4]once[/id6123721e4] to sign-up with a single site, that get 500-600 spam messages per day. That's why you [id6123721e4]never[/id6123721e4] use your primary e-mail address. Always use a legitimate address, but one that is maintained separately. You can create a Yahoo or Gmail account, or an extra one with your ISP if they allow for multiple e-mail accounts.

Phone calls are far more problematic than e-mail spam. Most freebie sites won't call you unless it is to verify your information. However your phone number will often be sold and you will most likely receive calls. The FTC allows telemarketing calls from companies you've done business with, so advertisers and their parents/subsidiaries can legally call you. And shady companies who don't care about FTC regulations will call you anyway. Most of the reputable ones will leave you alone if you tell them to. But mostly I just use caller ID and the answering machine to screen my calls -- I never answer calls outright from unrecognized long distance callers, or numbers that show as private.

Don't be discouraged by the possibility of getting spammed or called, though, since considering the payout of doing freebies, it's well worth the minor hassles.


11-03-2008 18:43:08

Adding to what Travman said about seperate card, Get the Paypal Debit, it allows you to use the money you make, recycle money! This way your not tossing funds around from different sources. Note Some offers are picky about what CC companies you use!!


12-03-2008 06:36:56


This is all very sound advice...especially when dealing with the payday loan offers, and with regards to the email account. I have found however that some affiliates do compare the sign up email on your site with the one you used to do the offers. It may be best to use an email strictly for freebie sites and the offers associated with them. Now if you have already used one email on a site, such as Train or YGF, you can only use that particular email to sign up for any of the other sites associated with that site. Any new sites you sign up for, such as Hotgifts, should be fine with a different email, but again, stick with that email on all sites associate with the other Hotgifts sites; for instance their Home, and Tech sites..

I can't stress enough how important it is to keep very accurate records of all your activity, so you will not be stumped in the future as to what offers you did for each site, what email you used, and so on.

Best wishes here!

Margot ;)


12-03-2008 07:11:05

Personally, I hardly ever receive phone calls related to freebie sites (mostly just charities and my banks... grrr...).


12-03-2008 09:26:36

I've also never received any calls at home. But my spam box is loaded. When I first started, I didn't know about using a separate email, so I use my personal one. I recommend you using a different email just to avoid all the spam going into your personal email.


12-03-2008 11:42:08

Yes Margot, I was referring to using a single e-mail address for all freebie activity. Or a single e-mail per network. At the very least, you should pretty much always use the same e-mail for an offer completion that you used to sign up for the associated freebie site. Mismatched e-mail addresses can lead to DQ or failure to assign proper credit.

Whether you get calls really depends on what types of sites/offers you do, I guess. I used to get called constantly, but it tapered off fairly quickly when I didn't answer them, and basically stopped after I quit doing freebies. Maybe it's better now. But I'm pretty sure that if you do them long enough, or complete enough offers, you will no doubt wind up on a telemarketer's list.


12-03-2008 14:48:10

Ive always use Gmail

Gmail is good at filtering spam

if you mark the mail as a spam, it will be recognized as spam forever but sometimes a little 2 of 3 mails from the same company will not be recognized but its not bad to be honest

Gmail is actually the best one out there


17-03-2008 15:38:18

The only call I have ever received are from the personal loan offers.