Word of Caution regarding Grant Consultant

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11-03-2008 10:11:13

This is a word of caution regarding the Grant Consultant Offer on Trainn sites and many other sites.

You may have additional offers that are piggy-backed, but may not be clearly listed in the terms of service.

Now keep in mind I am an experienced Freebie enthusiast who pays very close attention to terms of service. I understand exactly how piggy backed offers work, and that it is common place in this industry. I also know that all other offers which I have signed up for that included piggy backed offers, clearly stated the additional offer, and it's contact number in their TOS. When I signed up for Grant Consultant there was no mention of any other included offers at that time. I am sure of that.

I was charged by "THISREWARDNETWRKDRIVE 888-5355354 UT" to the amount of $33.87. They told me that the signup was affiliated with Grant Consultant, even though I am positive that there was no mention of this in the Grant Consultant terms at the time of my signup. I did call their number and they did agree to reverse the charges.

Currently the signup page for Grant Consultant NOW mentions a different piggy backed offer from "Network Agenda". You will notice that there is no contact information or customer service info for this offer in their terms. I did find their number (800-418-9320) after some googling, and I did verify that I do not have an open account with this offer.

I called back Grant Consultant and they did verify that their piggy backed offers may change from time to time, and that it was possible that the terms of service may not have been accurate at the time of my signup. However they can not with any certainty let me know exactly which additional offers if any that I also may have been signed up for at the time I signed up.

I would use this offer with extreme caution and I would not recommend this offer to any friends family or referrals.

unknown uchiha

11-03-2008 10:20:24

I usually get the CSR to give me a confirmation number and their name/employee number if applicable along with a direct confirmation that no piggybacked offers are still continued.


11-03-2008 11:13:23

I did ask Grant Consultant if there were any other offers, and the guy told me that the piggy back offers change from time to time, that there was no way for him to tell which offers went with my signup. Since the piggy back offers can be separate companies from Grant Consultant and are not directly connected outside of the initial signup. Overall, the entire situation was full of misdirection and shady policies and terms in general.

Just be careful with this offer.


19-03-2008 09:03:06

Thank you for the info. I too have signed up for that site.



20-03-2008 13:03:53

Thankyou for the much needed info. I will keep this in mind before i do the offer.