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10-03-2008 19:20:05

ok this is my first post on here.i just stumbled across this here mess and am lookin to make some .
anybody wanna help. D


10-03-2008 20:18:22

If you mean looking to make some money, you should look in the trade module. There are a lot of helpful traders in there that would be more than happy to help you. If you have any questions, you can pm me or anybody here. Good luck. ) )


sandra habina

11-03-2008 05:48:58

Yes - just PM traders that have posted and have some sites you are interested in. I would be glad to help.


14-03-2008 12:04:39

Look at the posts in the trade module. You just pick the offer you're interested in and send a PM to the person who posted the trade thread. By the way, Sandra is a great trader!! -D


14-03-2008 12:58:07

welcome I hope you enjoy your stay