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06-03-2008 13:22:45

Please take look at my signature I want it to read

$$$ Kathy's money making thread $$ (in red)

I've been trying unsuccessfully for a half hour to get this linked to my thread. I've read up on bbb codes and I just can;t get it right!

Please help! What should I type??


06-03-2008 13:31:38

that's because youre using the wrong format of html....

just copy and paste the link.. you dont even need html codes


06-03-2008 17:06:13

No, the problem is you didn't close your URL tag properly.

[code1b50af11e5c][url==]$$$ Kathy's money making thread $$$[=]$$$ Kathy's money making thread $$$[/url][/code1b50af11e5c]


06-03-2008 17:41:54

Thank you!!! dmorris!!!


07-03-2008 10:32:18

Works now!! )