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05-03-2008 15:02:28

I have been reading thru the forum and the different topics. having trouble understanding the forum format. I am a new PPD mentor and to get started here I set up a thread to trade Green for Green. Now I cant find my Thread or to see if someone posted me.

Can someone send me a few threads to look at that might help me.


05-03-2008 15:41:00

here's your thread


It's located in the Trading Post ( http// )


05-03-2008 19:37:17

Quick Rundown.

If you click on The FreeiPodGuide Forums Forum Index

it will take you to a list of all the sub forums.

first is "rules" since you seem to not know much about this site there are a ton of little rules and regulations that you need to abide by. since you are new, there are a lot of things you may think about doing, and not think it is breaking any rules, but you may be, so it's best to familiarize yourself and get a feel for how this place is run in this forum. It's locked though, so you can't post. Consider it "read only mode"

next is "off-topic" here you can feel free to post anything you want. generally it's not trade related, but keep in mind that although you can post about whatever, you still have to adhere to the rules here. this is where most of the regular people shoot the crap about everything and anything. I think of it as the lunch break of the site.

Third is the Brag Bag. This is where you post about any prizes you've earned from the sites you are going to be working on. Posting here will not add to your post count, but it's fun to brag a bit and congratulate friends on their winnings. Plus, I'm a jackass and i would probably brag about something completely un-trade related, but that's just me.

Fourth is Help. obviously you have some idea what to do here. It's Q+A/ FAQ. you'll get an answer every single time you post. most of us have a lot of spare time and just like answering questions. or seeing ourselves type. whatever tips your cap. Take me for instance. I'm bored as hell right now so i'm taking the time to type this all out. why? cuz i'm on my couch doing nothing anyway.

Fifth is For Sale/Hot Deals you can post here if you are looking to buy anything, or if you have something you want to sell. Also you can respond to someone else who may be selling something you're interested in. There are a few rules here though. Well, one big one that i can think of. Any transaction HAS TO BE SOMETHING TANGIBLE. you can't sell ideas. you can't sell ebooks. you can't sell your soul. you can't sell your air guitar. you can't sell anything that can't be put in a box and shipped to an address. and that's the deal. you sell, you ship.

6th is T-T-T-Tech yourself

I like to call this the DMorris Q+A session. He's a genius and people ask him Tech questions. Anyone can post and anyone can respond, but he's the next bill gates and is very very helpful. Don't PM him though, he'll hunt you down and it won't be pretty.

Next on the docket is the Trading Post. that's already been discussed but this is where the magic happens. people will pay you to green, you can pay people to green or you can trade greens. you may bump your thread once a day, BUT NO MORE. go nuts.

Scammers and problem traders is something you really ought to check out and familiarize yourself with some of the names and situations in there. I personally have gone in there, read about a person, and the next day have that person Unsolicited PM me about trading and doing all this garbage. It's a list of people that suck at life. They say they'll green and they don't, they say they'll pay and they won't and they will do whatever it takes to take your money or services and give you nothing in return. Don't post a new thread in here until you have talked to a mod about your situation, as lots of misunderstandings occur and people can be falsely identified as scammers. and that blows for that poor sap.

after this it's just a list of each network of freebie sites and each network has a forum. usually the support team for that network will answer questions, but sometimes other people will to. Keep it organized, if you have a question about a TRAINN, keep it in the transcendent innovations forum, if you have a question about the YGF network, keep it in the YourGiftsFree forum. it's fun, lots of cool people, some bullies, and generally people are helpful. but they'll make fun of you too, so watch out )