Trainn xbox 360 shipping times

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04-03-2008 17:25:59

I ordered on March 2nd. How long will it take until it goes from received to shipped status?


04-03-2008 17:26:49

whatever they say is usually about right, sometimes sooner.


04-03-2008 19:32:56

went with the 360, eh? i hear that lost a lot of value after the sudden death of HD DVD, any truth to that?


04-03-2008 20:51:28

is it unusual if my status is still "received" today? I ordered the 2nd.


05-03-2008 19:49:32

is shipping slow this week or is it just my order?


05-03-2008 21:20:33

You can go to the trainn section of the forum and ask around there, but it seems to me like you're expecting them to ship a bit too quickly. You always have to be patient with freebie sites, they take some time to ship gifts out.