READ if you are referring people to Revolution Money Ex

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04-03-2008 12:07:19

SO I've referred several people to their site so far for the $10.. Without any problems. Then my last 2 didn't credit. I sent a support ticket, No reply, sent another No reply. So finally I call them. After 20 minutes of waiting I found out that When you send the email to a potential referral they must A use the link in the email ( DUH! ) , and B use same email as the one you sent to to sign up! (didn't know that). There is no way of tracking in their system so you don't know who has unless communication with them. MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO USE THE SAME EMAIL YOU SENT THE LINK TOO!!!!!


04-03-2008 12:12:31


A contact will be deemed ineligible for the purposes of this Program and you will not be entitled to a referral bonus if said Contact is (a) already a Site User or an Accountholder of Revolution MoneyExchange, or (b) has previously registered with Revolution MoneyExchange and has cancelled his or her account, or (c) registers as an Accountholder using an e-mail address that is different from the one you provided to us in making your referral. A Contact will also be ineligible for the purposes of this Program, and Revolution will not send an e-mail offer to such Contact, if his or her e-mail address appears on the opt-out lists of either First Bank & Trust, Brookings, S.D. (Member FDIC) or Revolution. For privacy reasons, you will not be notified if any of your Contacts are ineligible for any reason.


06-03-2008 14:24:58

Thanks for the info. I just starting referring people there! I will keep that in mind.


10-03-2008 12:45:49

On that note, I have referred 3 people this month and still did not get credit! Now I know these people used the right email!! Anyone else having problems, I feel like I should give them my business if they aren't going to follow their own rules. They won't allow you to prove to them that you know who signed up and have email proof of which email was used. So what good is it, I just may have to old school paypal!! I thought this was going to be a great thing!!