HUUUGE Trainn Problem

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28-02-2008 10:09:17

I have been having a HUGE Trainn problem and I dont know what to do or where to turn to so hopefully you guys can help me out.
(The Story)
About a week ago I got a green from, FIPG username mama-e, FLR username EOG. I had an ad in which she responded to that she would go green for me for She asked me questions about how to sign up for Trainn and what not and many times in my pm's with her (all of which I have) I told her that I am available to you anytime either through here or AIM. I remained completely nice to her. She went green and because of her TR which was 1 at the time I was never going to pay her on green. Payment was NEVER discussed. I was going to pay her after approval which is in most cases for people with low TR's.
A couple of days go by and she sends a NASTY and very DEMANDING pm requesting her money and in the pm I quote her "I have submitted a support ticket on Traiin and have requested them to hold your prize until you have paid me". This PM is 3 days after she greens!
(The Problem)
Now to my problem with Trainn. Apparently they decided to get involved in this matter and they listened to her. My prize to order button has been blocked out and today I check my account and her green has disappeared. Her green was removed from my referrals, it is not red, removed completely as if she never greened. I was NEVER contacted about this matter. I have been sending messages to Trainn via support ticket, email, and through pm here, all of which have not been answered yet somehow the support ticket that this woman sent was answered immediately. I find it completely ridiculous that I was never contacted about this matter.
I have all the PM's that prove the validity of my story, her nasty PM's, my calm nice PM's, I have it all! I am not hiding any of them and I find it ridiculous that I was never contacted.
Did I do something wrong here? Is it my problem that the woman NEVER asked me when she is to be paid. How am I to blame here when I have all PM's that back my story 100%? Was it right for Trainn to get involved in this matter and not even contact me about it? Why was I unable to order my $300 paypal so that I may pay my refs? Why had my order button been blocked out?

If anyone wants to I urge you to please help me out in this matter. I have all PM's that I will send to anyone who wants to take the time to read her nasty and demanding PM's after I was completely nice to her. She is now known as CRAZY WOMAN by many FIPG memebers already.

It was hard enough to find one last ref for yourfreevideoipods and now to have to do it all over again because of an angry impatient woman?!?! Its just ridiculous.


28-02-2008 11:45:10

There is nothing we can do and I doubt trainn will publicly answer you here, stick to support tickets, they will eventually get answered.

Also you shouldn't expect to pay the user after approval if their TR1, always state that and make sure their OK with that.

The user is new so they probably think you're trying to scam the user even though you're not.


28-02-2008 11:52:11

Did you tell them your situation? Say something like "I asked a NEW user on the forums to green for me and I was waiting for her to pass approval until I paid her."

They (trainn) are very familiar with the whole trading system and they will definitely see it in your favor (if you're telling the truth).



28-02-2008 19:11:53

ive been trying to just get into contact with them...they havent answered any of my emails,pm's, or my support ticket...

if that was the case then technically i can do offers for people go green get paid lie to Trainn and have my credit removed, and have the trader deal with trainn...

im gonna go away this weekend so hopefully ill get a response when i come back sunday and i still dont understand y trainn would just do something liek that without ever notifying me...this isnt a one sided situation...

Thank You so much by the way for any sort of response...i mean i dont feel better about what happened but at least people can understand my situation...


29-02-2008 09:53:56

I think that payment should ALWAYS be discussed before a trade is confirmed. There are many more people who do pay on green vs. the ones who pay on approval with new people. People want to be paid when they're done with their end of the bargain. You said she is also on FLR~what is her TR on there and her feedback? What was the 1 feedback that she has received on here?

It's like starting a new job and finding out later that you have to wait for your paycheck. I'd be upset too if it had not been discussed and agreed upon beforehand. It may be common practice for you to pay new people on approval, but it's not a rule and I don't think it's the norm either.



29-02-2008 09:53:57

She probably just asked TRAINN to have herself removed from your referrals - it sucks but at least you aren't on hold. You just don't have enough referrals anymore, and you don't have to pay her (obviously). Her loss, she just wasted a signup that could have earned her $30 or so.


29-02-2008 09:56:17

[quotec0397c74f4="JennyWren"]She probably just asked TRAINN to have herself removed from your referrals - it sucks but at least you aren't on hold. You just don't have enough referrals anymore, and you don't have to pay her (obviously). Her loss, she just wasted a signup that could have earned her $30 or so.[/quotec0397c74f4]

She can probably "sell" her green to someone else. TRAINN will just move her under someone else who is willing to pay her for her green.


29-02-2008 12:52:19

Sorry man it does stink but like said above, at least your not on hold! Starting off I lost about 2 sites for stupid things I didn't read... I treat each site as an investment now because that is what they are! I'm still surprised that Trainn acted that fast for her and didn't respond to you!


29-02-2008 13:42:53

Trainn is not, nor is most any other freebie site, in the habit of transferring greens to another account, so the likelihood of her reselling her green it is pretty much nil.

They will sometimes remove a green based on a complaint, which is what seems to have happened here, but that green is typically lost and will not be applied elsewhere.

[b222caa5f43]And just to clarify on the trading payment issue[/b222caa5f43]

Per the trading rules here, you MUST negotiate special payment terms BEFORE entering into a trade. Once both sides have accepted the terms of the trade (by the initiator entering the trade and the second party confirming the trade), the payment terms CANNOT be changed without agreement of both parties. Only in extremely extenuating circumstances, and with mod/admin approval, will trade terms be allowed to be changed after the fact by one party or the other.

Payment is assumed to be upon green, unless otherwise negotiated beforehand. So, if you did not stipulate up front that payment was on approval, then it is assumed to be on green, and you should pay the trader.