Paypal Resolutions?? NOT WORTH IT?

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27-02-2008 13:13:54

So I got scammed and quickly acted in paypal. I thought I have all my ends covered, a strict paypal policy that the trader agrees on, a record of this agreement in the notes of each transaction, user email,site,forum name and forum, and the terms of the trade...

So I filed dispute first , then escalated it. Here is my response I got.

Our investigation into your claim is complete. As stated in our User
Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It
does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods
received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a

So any trading "service" has nothing to do with resolution center? Intangible items don't count? I thought there is some type of security with paypal? How do we protect ourselves? Do I report fruadulant?


27-02-2008 13:34:16

I have gotten my money back a few times already from Paypal from being scammed here. I checked "virtual goods" (I think that is what it says) as the item. Tell them you never received anything.


27-02-2008 20:45:07

Thanks for the advise I'll look into it more next time!!


27-02-2008 22:20:47

yes this is what i did also . said item not recieved and then stated my claim.


28-02-2008 08:47:26

I filed a dispute with them as well and got the same response that tucker1003 got. Thanks level99, for the advise. (That was a bummer to get scammed when I've only been a member of FiPG for a few weeks.) It was a learning experience though.


29-02-2008 13:01:06

When sending the payment what do you choose, Service or Goods?? I understand in a claim to do virtual goods, but I want to make sure I cover all ends!!