Hard to get referrals when starting off

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23-02-2008 20:55:59

I just signed up a couple of days ago and am finding it very hard to get referrals since I have a 0 TR. I'm working on RocketBills.com and yourfreeiphone.com, and need some referrals.

For yourfreeiphone.com, you only need to sign up with one sponsor to get a full credit so I am willing to pay $25 for a referral. Also on this site, if you haven't signed up with Yahoo toolkit already, you can get a full green for 1.95 trial offer with yahoo toolkit. It'll literally take about 10-15 min to complete.

For RocketBills.com, I will pay $40 for 1 green. They have a lot of free trials (1.95 - 4.95 shipping) that give you 1/2 a credit.

Both of these are Repeatable sites, so once you go green, you can get referrals for ever.

I would appreciate if anyone would want to trade for the above two greens. I want to build my rating to atleast 10 soon so I can really get started.


23-02-2008 22:23:17

While we appreciate how hard it is to get referrals, this isn't the place to post asking for trades.


24-02-2008 09:17:54

And you can't bump your post in the trading post until 24 hours have passed.