a wii bit of trouble

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22-02-2008 18:53:41

The sound has stopped playing on my wii. Can't get it back. The games play fine and sound comes out of the controllers, but the sound of the game won't play through my TV. Any ideas?


22-02-2008 18:55:44

I would say check the cords that go from the wii to the T.V.

Maybe there's a short in one of the wires.....I don't know..just giving some input.


22-02-2008 19:01:01

well I unplugged it and unhooked it from the tv for 5 min. I know there is a reset time for the power converter or whatever the hell it is. Still nothing.


22-02-2008 19:05:09

Wii direct in to a stereo? to test?
Test both TV and Wii seperate from eachother, with same and different wires!!


23-02-2008 08:15:33

If you haven't tested it already, make sure it's not your TV by plugging something else in the same composite audio input. Or plug the wii into another AV input if you have more than one, even if you have to unplug something just to test. Or plug it into another TV, or even a VCR if you have one (set the TV for the VCR obviously).

With everything plugged in and the console playing something with sound, play with the cable a little, especially at the ends. Bend it around in all directions around the connectors (up, down, left, right) on both ends to see if it's a cable problem. The cables are of pretty poor quality internally so I wouldn't be surprised if one of the solder points have broken. Then again, I'd surprised if both left and right audio went out at the same time this way because something would've had to happen to two solder points or wires at the same time.

Did you call customer support? They do some troubleshooting over the phone I think.