help! Trainn problem!

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22-02-2008 18:45:32

Okay, on Wednesday, I was supposed to receive $300 paypal. However, Trainn doesn't give out payments to unverified accounts. I sent in a support ticket on Wednesday and it hasn't been answered. Today (Friday), one of my referrals somehow got discredited (red X mark), so I don't have enough referrals to get my prize (6 for $300 paypal, now I have 5). But then my order status is still in ATTN Required and I cannot cancel or change my order. Now my paypal account is verified, so can I still receive my payment, because I was supposed to receive it on Wednesday?


22-02-2008 19:07:45

I doubt it, they may catch the X, but you never know. Good luck I wish for the best. I've had funky statuses on other sites and they have gone through!!


22-02-2008 19:24:27

i hope i can still receive paypal money... i can't even change my order though, so I'm stuck.


22-02-2008 23:35:19

Did you let them know that your Paypal account is now verified?