Revolution Money Exchange asking for SSN??

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21-02-2008 18:19:43

Judging by everyones, threads in Trading post these days, there are a lot of people signing up for revolution money exchange. So how does everyone feel about them asking for SSN. IF you don't know what it is PM me ! D


21-02-2008 18:34:23

A lot of sites require you to fill out a tax form, which has your SSN... no big deal.


21-02-2008 18:42:39

Thanks for the speedy response, Some people are afraid of its security, since its new!!


21-02-2008 18:56:26

I wouldn't provide it over e-mail or anything, though, just on the tax form. That's the only reason I can see them needing it.


21-02-2008 18:57:40

That makes sense now that you mention it. They are giving free money a lot of it!!


22-02-2008 07:58:27

They're backed by some pretty legit investors. I don't consider them in the same league as egold or netteller.

sandra habina

22-02-2008 19:29:39

Thanks for the question and answers - I had the same concern with the SSN. Cool It is free money. Competition for paypal.