I can't send private messages!

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21-02-2008 02:57:26

I havent' violated any rules that I'm aware of and now I can't respond to my referrals.

Every time I go to send a message it says, [bb2a1d3f381]"Sorry, the Admin has prevented you from sending private messages".[/bb2a1d3f381]

I don't understand what's going on here......[bb2a1d3f381]Admin or a moderator[/bb2a1d3f381], please at least tell me why I can't send messages instead of just leaving me out to dry.



21-02-2008 03:51:03

Because you're a PM spammer.

Your PM privileges will be restored in a couple of days.


21-02-2008 03:54:45

If I send messages to my past traders is it considered spam?


21-02-2008 04:29:20

We're more concerned with the PM you sent on the 19th to someone who joined that very day, where you tried to get them to get into a trade with you.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

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22-02-2008 15:24:23

So pm'ing or responding to this post by pm was wrong?



25-02-2008 11:27:13

[bb91cc69d81][quoteb91cc69d81="Lemaster25"]So pm'ing or responding to this post by pm was wrong?


I'd like to know too, just so I don't spam anyone. It seems to me that it would be ok to post and PM that person unless we are going by the rules that FLR has~no PM's period to any new trader, they MUST PM you. If we are, that's fine. I just need to know.

D [/bb91cc69d81][/colorb91cc69d81]


25-02-2008 15:03:26

I also am interested in the answer to this question - if I had read this post, I would likely have PMd also.....

Is that not the point of making a post like that?



25-02-2008 15:21:53

Well, I'm not a moderator, admin, or even an active trading member here...nor do I have the inside knowledge of what the PM contained, so I can only offer this possible explaination.

When "thebest3701" posted that they were new and would like help with where to begin, that opens the door for people to PM them. However, there is a difference in PMing them help and advice, and PMing them with your sites.

If the message you send to someone who is new and asking for help is something like "I can offer you advice...you'll want to trade with high ranked users, increase your TR...here's a list of links that can help things further ... here are some users that are very helpful" or anything along those lines, then you are fine.

However, if you send a message that reads more like "Hey, you can start by increasing your TR. I can help if you want with this easy site www.siteyouareworkingon.com", then that's PM spam, even if you don't have a ref link. Why? Well, simply put, the person didn't say that they want to sign up under anyone for any sites, they were simply asking for help/advice on how to begin or go about the process of using the site and making money.

A good sample PM to respond would have been something like "I would recommend starting by only trading with users who have a high TR and have been here a little while, so that you can learn the ropes and they will help you learn how to make trades with a lower risk of being scammed. If you need help, you can PM me, or you can ask any of the people who have a high level of involvement in the site. Since you are looking to make money, I'd recommend looking in the Trading Post part of the site, and when you see something that sounds like you might want to try it, make sure to ask a lot of questions. Most people would rather help you in understanding how to get a green properly rather than let you rush in and make a mistake which could end up making you go red. If you want to try out a easy site step by step, I have a few that I am working on, and I'm more than willing to help you out. I hope you find this helpful, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have."

That's just my analysis of the situation, however. Maybe a mod can check this and correct me if I'm wrong, but I hope this helps to clear up a little confusion on offering advice vs. PM spam.


25-02-2008 15:36:23

[quoteb13dd53a41="Lemaster25"]So pm'ing or responding to this post by pm was wrong?

I guess your PM settings must've changed by mistake, I changed it back for you so you should be able to PM now.

For clarification, yes, if someone new posts in the trading post asking for advice or offers, you can PM them. Just make sure it's relevant or they may report you.

I like that "no PM's period to any new trader, they MUST PM you" rule though...


25-02-2008 15:42:53

[quote20370116cc="hehehhehe"]I like that "no PM's period to any new trader, they MUST PM you" rule though...[/quote20370116cc]
Ok, then my "good sample PM" should actually be a "good sample post" in the thread where the person asks for help. Even if PMing may or may not be allowed ... it is all a matter of what they ask for and what you send in reply.

As a side note hehehhehe, when did you become a mod?


25-02-2008 16:13:54

[quote7cdbce4b9a="moviemadnessman"]As a side note hehehhehe, when did you become a mod?[/quote7cdbce4b9a]
Late last year I think.


25-02-2008 17:49:59

[quotef64ad68f81="hehehhehe"][quotef64ad68f81="moviemadnessman"]As a side note hehehhehe, when did you become a mod?[/quotef64ad68f81]
Late last year I think.[/quotef64ad68f81]

and your picture cracks me up every time i see it.

You are in a three way battle with EatChex98 and TSJ for funniest picture though... It's going to be a tough fight. that should be a poll question.


25-02-2008 18:25:51

For the record, the PM I mentioned was very generic and looked like a welcome PM. I apologize for the mix-up, and hehehe helped clear it up with me earlier.