PayPal verification and support tickets for Trainn

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20-02-2008 22:00:02

Hey guys. I submitted my order a few days ago for Trainn and today I got the ATTN Required thing. I also submitted a support ticket and verified my PayPal today. First off, how long does it take to verify my PayPal account? Also, how long do support tickets take to get answered? Hopefully my PayPal account will be verified by Friday so that I can receive my payment on Saturday.

sandra habina

21-02-2008 02:17:01

That sounds about the right time frame. Usually 2-3 business day for Paypal. Just depends on your bank, I believe. And Trainn 1-2 days to answer support tickets unless they are behind.

Hope that helps and congrats on your prize. I hope you get it Sat. morning.


22-02-2008 06:29:09

usually takes 2-3 business days like sandy said to be verified. but watch your emails and account so you can enter the info quickly and make the deadline for trainns next payout.