Question about trading post guidelines/rules paragraph

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13-02-2008 19:17:16

Hi there. I had a question regarding the following excerpt from the trading post guidelines/rules

b. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the trade record found in every user's profile and in every user's post is the deciding factor if there is any question as to who should 'go first'. Whoever has the lower TR is expected to finish his side first. THIS IS A GUIDELINE. EACH TRADE MAY OR MAY NOT FOLLOW THIS RULE EXACTLY. YOU ARE FREE TO TRADE ON YOUR OWN TERMS, BUT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE A TRADE RECORD POINT IF YOU FOLLOW OUR RULES.

Does this apply when offering a cash offer? In other words, If I'm offering cash for greens and I'm approached by a trader with higher TR, am I supposed to pay him before I get his green? This came up in a recent trade and I simply didn't know the answer. I always assumed it only was meant for green-for-green trades. I never though it was reasonable to expect anyone to pay before green, no matter the other traders' TR compared to yours.

Please help. Thanks!


14-02-2008 14:33:03

That rule does apply to both ref-for-ref and cash-for-ref trades. We generally share your reluctance to pay anyone in advance for greens; the best thing to do is typically to avoid cash-for-ref trades with people that have a higher TR than you do unless they are VERY trustworthy.


14-02-2008 21:47:11

ok That answers my question. Good thing I didn't make a bet or I would have lost! D Take it easy.


15-02-2008 06:24:09

This raises a question for me. In reading the line -


, how is that worked?? I am currently completing a trade. I have a TR of 123 and the trader who is doing the green for me is over 200. He contacted me about a site I had listed in the Trading Post, and agreed to being paid on green. He went green yesterday and I am waiting for his paypal address so I can pay him today.

Does this mean we won't get TR, since he agreed to go first??????? I hope not - I know I have gotten TR for situations like this before.



15-02-2008 07:24:25

Yes, we'd award TR credit for that trade. But we do so on a case-by-case basis. Generally, it's safest just to go by the rules.


15-02-2008 15:48:58

yeah, see... I wasn't gonna ask that question for fear of rocking that boat. I have always received TR credit for these types of trades so I didn't want to even open that can o' worms. I guess they're just reserving the right? It's cool. -mculton