How long to wait for pay when Going Green

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11-02-2008 10:23:44

I'm wanting to know after you go green, how long should it take for someone to pay you? I traded with someone who said I would be paid upon green. That was almost a week ago. When I went green, he said something about waiting until verification. So I waited and the next day asked him the status and he said that accounts were being verified that night. That was 4 days ago and he claims that he still hasn't heard anything. If you're going to pay on green then you ought to pay once I go green. I'm new here but the other two traders i worked with paid me on green. One person paid me the same day. The next person paid me after my account was verified which was about a day and a half later and I had no problems with that. I beleive that this perosn is lying to me and just doesn't have the money but before I jump to conclusions I just would like to know if it's normal to wait a week after going green.


11-02-2008 10:29:38

No, they should disclose [b0f50f4bcff]beforehand[/b0f50f4bcff] if they are waiting for their account to verify before paying. There's really no set time limit but I would expect to be paid within 24 - 48 hours unless it was mentioned before the trade was confirmed. There's always, of course, emergencies and what not but that doesn't really happen often.


11-02-2008 11:10:56

no you shouldnt have to wait that was not the agreement. I would pm a moderator and ask them what you should do and ask them about posting in the scammers section


11-02-2008 14:29:40

I would also just check his TR and feedback and see if anything indicates that this is a recurring trend. Sometimes, (at least in my experience) people say "pay on green" but really mean, "I'll pay you when I cash out." A week and a half does seem kind of excessive though.


12-02-2008 22:23:22

Thats BS..If he says green you dont wait for approval.A week to get paid for a green is unacceptable.Any trade that has ever greened for me was paid within 24 hrs.Watch out for those users that flip the script on you like that.Grimey


26-02-2008 15:27:08

I agree with all above, CLEARLY STATE in post,pm, and/or Trade Module exactly how payment is made. IF this trade was on a site like macrobucks, or rocketbills who have very fast payouts (usually within 24hrs) this person was taking advantage of the term "pay on green", but he/she was really waiting for that payment.

I state in my post if your less then 7TR I must have you verified by the site to be paid.