my ref got banned

Live forum:


10-02-2008 15:21:01

i made an agreement with a ref and they get banned before they green but they have done the offer. am i soppose to pay them or not when they green or can i wait for approval


11-02-2008 06:02:59

What did they get banned for? I would wait and see if they pass approval, chances are, they won't.


11-02-2008 07:54:30

he said he was banned for spamming. he emailed me to make sure he would get paid for doing the site


11-02-2008 08:27:49

If he greens, pay him according to your original agreement. Since he wasn't banned for offer fraud or other such scamming, there's no reason for you to renegotiate or renege on your end of the deal.


11-02-2008 11:13:03

thankyou much for the advice.