PM spamming (ban information)

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08-02-2008 10:53:40

We're cracking down on unsolicited/spam PMs, and handed down some bans (we're still thinking about the duration) to the most blatant offenders. In Keith's post[=http//]In Keith's post in the trading post, it can't be any clearer about what kind of PMs can't be sent, and yet, some of you are still sending trade requests and welcome PMs to newly joined members.

Here are the biggest offenders who have been banned
sandra habina

So think twice about sending that unsolicited PM to that new user. We don't care if the new user is in the same state as you, you like their username, you just want to help, etc... You can only PM them once they PM you or once they make a post in the trading post asking you to PM them.

Most of these guys in the list have been around and are experienced enough to know they are circumventing the rules.

If you want to comment, do it in this post[=http//]this post.