Visa gift card --> PayPal?!

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06-02-2008 07:40:22

OK, brainiacs. I've been puzzling over this one for an hour or two and am hitting a wall.

I'm trying to convert/deposit a Visa gift card into my PayPal balance. Trouble is, PayPal only lets you add funds from bank accounts (not debit cards), and adding the card as a "backup" isn't quite what I'm looking for.

Any ideas about how to move the funds around without selling the card at a 10-15% discount?


06-02-2008 08:39:10

I don't think you can add the balance of a gift card to your paypal balance. You could of course, make a payment to someone (having added the card as a backup first) using the card as the payment method, and then have that person send a payment to you for the same amount you sent them, if you were tricky ;). You'd lose about 6% total in paypal fees though.


06-02-2008 10:00:52

When I had some gift cards that were about to expire, I just use another paypal account to use them to send the balance to my primary account that takes credit cards. I lose a % in paypal fees of course.

If you have a business account, there's also an option in paypal to take cc payments from people without paypal accounts so you could probably do that too, it'd be easier. I see this option in my premier account but it needs to go through "Buy Now, Donations, and Shopping Cart buttons."


06-02-2008 17:18:43

Thanks guys. I'll try these ideas and update tomorrow.


06-02-2008 19:50:09

HMMM thanks for the idea, I got one to dump! Thanks guys!!


07-02-2008 05:50:53

[quote1c024643ee="hehehhehe"] I see this option in my premier account but it needs to go through "Buy Now, Donations, and Shopping Cart buttons."[/quote1c024643ee]

Where exactly do you see that option? I've only got 1 account (premier), and I can't find that...


07-02-2008 20:52:15

I have it under my seller preferences, in Website Payment Preferences in my profile. You should see a section called PayPal Account Optional. Like I said though, I think you need to go through a paypal button (which is easy to set-up BTW - I can help you if you want).

I would do a quick search though, to make sure this is allowed in their terms of use, especially if it's a lot of cash. I've had no problems doing this but who knows what brings up flags on their system.


12-12-2009 18:53:33

Hey guys, I might sound SUPER stupid here but I really dont know and this really would suck if its not possible,

I'm underage to use paypal, so what Im doing is technically illegal, but what Im trying to do is buy a pair of shoes off a site called sole collector and on there forums its called ISS, so most people ask to use paypal when you want to ship the shoes, like usual, so since Im only 16 the only way I can use paypal is if I get Visa Gift Cards, I dont know if America has them but I know we have them up here in Canada, so my question is, do those Visa Gift Cards work on paypal? and if they do, how do they work? cause I'm clueless and I need to know like right away,

Thank you, i hope you can help!