Computer trouble, need tech help! I did post in Tech too.

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05-02-2008 18:54:57

[b6a750cc05e]I have IE7, so I have tabbed browsing windows. I have it set to have 4 sites come up when I open IE on my computer (Comcast, FIPG, FLR and A4F). Everything has been fine until yesterday. I was on A4F and was typing a PM and clicked on Smilies to view all of them. The page sort of started blinking (pulsing, I guess). The bottom portion of the page was elongated and the words turned into vertical lines. It finally stopped and went back to normal, but it did happen a couple of more times.

Yesterday, I could not get to A4F, it kept saying the "This webpage cannot be displayed" thing. All other sites were fine, I could go anywhere else, just not to A4F. I thought maybe A4F was having a problem, but I received an email saying that I had received a PM. I still couldn't get there, even if I used the link in the email.

I have restarted my computer, I've run CC Cleaner, I've done a system restore, but it still will not go to that site. What could possibly cause this? I've never had anything like this happen before. It's very bizarre.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and +karma will be given.


Someone (several) suggested downloading and trying to get to it using Firefox instead of IE7. I downloaded Firefox and I still had the same problem. I called Comcast and talked to the tech dept., they had me unplug my router and plug it back in. I've done the same with my modem. Nothing seems to be working! I even looked to make sure that it was not a blocked site (don't know how that would happen) in Internet Options, blah, blah. This is baffling me and it's extremely irritating too! I can't figure out what's wrong. I can go to absolutely any other site on the web EXCEPT that one!!!

Anyone? I already posted in the Tech section, but I'm posting here as well because it gets much more traffic than the other section. So, I know it will be duplicating but I just need to figure this out. Someone out there can surely help me, I hope!

Thank you!


05-02-2008 19:10:27

Keep it to one thread please...