Paypal vs. E-Gold

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05-02-2008 18:24:18

[be0630df30c]I have heard of E-gold but I've never messed with it since I have paypal. There is this site That I was checking out and they only accept payments from e-gold.[/be0630df30c]

[be0630df30c]Does anyone have an e-gold account? Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Does it cost anything to join or is it basically like paypal with a different name?[/be0630df30c]

[be0630df30c]Thanks [/be0630df30c][/colore0630df30c] D


07-02-2008 19:43:34

I've only used E-gold once to use a Poker site but it was very similar to Paypal. The fees were cheaper for me when I used it and it didn't cost anything - but again - I've only used it once.


08-02-2008 15:13:35

Thanks for the input.


11-02-2008 10:05:37

Ive never even heard of egold, does anyone know if theres a reason to use it?


11-02-2008 10:26:43

Basically, you don't want to get into it unless you have to. A lot of phonies use this because there is no security or protection whatsoever. The government actually has proceeded with some legal matters with the company itself and it could be shut down any day now.

In order to fund an e-gold account, you can't just add on a bank account or credit card. You have to deal with exchange companies who will give you "e-gold" for real money. They don't have an official exchanger and the government has actually blocked a lot of wires to big name exchange companies and sometimes shut them down. I would recommend staying out of the e-gold mess.


11-02-2008 14:33:10

Yeah, I can't personally think of one good reason to use this bootleg site. I mean Paypal's been around since the beginning of time and despite these rumors i keep hearing about Paypal locking up your money for no good reason on occasion, I have had 100% good experience with them. The extra fees are worth the protection, and unless you're a scammer and need to bypass the security, (may you go to hell,) then Paypal is definitely the way to go.


12-02-2008 11:43:39

ive had a couple broken english traders wanting to know if i could pay thru egold now i know why