Karma Not Authorized??

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04-02-2008 11:51:05

Would anyone be able to tell my why I'm not able to give Karma points to anyone?

It's been a few days and [u915a5b7515]every time[/u915a5b7515] I try to give someone a Karma point it says that it isn't authorized.


04-02-2008 12:31:10

I just gave some to you. I presume there's an IP ban on giving Karma to someone posting from the same IP as you. Who are you trying to give Karma to?

sandra habina

04-02-2008 13:45:07

EWWW Not sure what that means about the same IP address - doesn't sound good tho.

But you can only vote to give someone karma once every 6 hours.


05-02-2008 15:26:22

I tried to give babetran a karma point. We did a green for green.


08-02-2008 06:50:50

"what sandra said"



08-02-2008 16:31:07

Haven't given a karma point in days!! Still says "Not Authorized!"

Gosh, hope no one asks me to give a karma point!! 0(


10-02-2008 07:52:05

have you pmed a moderator and asked them why you are having problems?


22-02-2008 11:58:41

I'm still not able to give karma points. The message just says "Not Authorized". Did I violate a rule somewhere?

I've only give a karma point to one person ever and it never let me give one again.