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02-02-2008 12:28:46

I completed some credits with this site and then a few days later they revoked the credits. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


02-02-2008 20:35:13

yes, because i cancelled to FAST after i credited... even though i payed and tried a trial... rediculous.......... but it happens.


03-02-2008 06:23:58

Advertisers will sometimes revoke credits if you do anything that they consider fraud. Sometimes it could be using a phony phone ##, or a credit card in someone else's name. Often, it has to do with cancelling a trial in a time frame that makes it look as if you were not really interested in the product.

You should only do offers that you are actually interested in. I'm not saying you can't ever cancel a product you truly don't like, but there have been so many people here who have signed up for things, then cancelled as soon as the offer went green. Advertisers are not interested in paying for referrals who don't even want to look at their product, so they are cracking down on everyone who looks suspicious.

I'm not suggesting you are trying to fraud the advertisers - I'm sure you really tried the product or service. But since they aren't psychic, they don't know who's real and who isn't. You must have crossed some line that they have set.

BTW - the site doesn't have anything to do with it, so don't blame macrobucks. They didn't do it.

Hope this makes things a little clearer.



03-02-2008 11:26:52

i did try the offer... and they revoked it after i sent it back... lol. Hydroderm cream is the offer that messed with me.


05-02-2008 15:47:23

Oh wow!! Hydroderm was fine for me. I didn't even cancel the offers. They just revoked the credit!! Bummer.

I did read of the site revoking credits during a certain time period because of erroneous crediting. I had to send and email with confirmation messages attached, but I still haven't heard any feedback.


05-02-2008 16:20:58

Remember guys... this business acquires customers for those companies... if your referrals are cancelling early that tells the companies they are not legit customers, the company wants us to try out their products and keep it if you like it... offers that i kept and are really useful to me... zooba for books, blockbuster and disney books/dvds


05-02-2008 17:31:55

Think of it like getting a super discount on great products that you like, or even that you might not otherwise buy if you didn't get a discount. My fave list includes Dermacia, Zooba, all the book clubs, yourmusic, and a bunch more. I got great prices on cool products - and I still made money trading!


06-02-2008 19:57:02

I'll have to look into Zooba, thanks! THe one I had big problems with are the 1 day trials, I think they were auction sites. I read the terms and they said 24hrs from sign up then they charge $30. so I waited like 22 hours and canceled because I couldn't find anything I wanted. They said I was fraud. This back when I started last may. I never seen a 24hr trial.

sandra habina

06-02-2008 22:51:31

I have had some refs get revoked recently - I have heard that some scripts are crediting twice - so they have to revoke one of the offers of course, and for other offers it may be because they are cracking down.

Zooba is great, Dr. Seuss for the kids and build a bear. Doggy steps - my pup uses them every nite. Lots of great offers.


08-02-2008 16:22:54

I just had one of my sites put on hold. They said that my address didn't add up. I just sent them a copy of my DL license and a bill w/my name on it and they unlocked it. I hope someone wasn't trying to be me!! -D


08-02-2008 16:24:06

They never did give me my credits back after revoking them. (Even after sending them confirmation emails.) I haven't cancelled the offers either.



09-02-2008 04:15:43

sometimes if you use a debit card or a prepaid card you may have your credits revoked. not always the case tho. did you write a support ticket asking why your credits were revoked? usually the site owners will give you an adm message on your status page. if not put in a support ticket asking why. I hope this has been helpful to you


12-02-2008 23:03:55

Wow .I guess I just got lucky I havent had any offers revoked..but yes macrobucks had an issue with a couple of affiliates revoking credits that may have been legit.I believe it was the hoodia offer and online supplier.They said they were revoking credits from dec to jan but mine never got revoked.Maybe because I talked to a rep from the company for about an hour about the whole system.It sounded interesting but the products werent wholesale more like retail.So you couldnt profit much probably barely getting back what you spent from keeping the program


13-02-2008 19:30:04

This happened to me with HoodiaCore. I had ordered the trial of HoodiaStar through another freebie site and always had assumed it was because they had probably seen that the info for both offers was the same. They never revoked the HoodiaStar credit at the other site. The HoodiaCore offer at 60.macrobucks I had to do a MCR for and was approved, then revoked the next day - making me think it really isn't the site. I don't know what happened. No harm done, I just completed an additional offer at 60.macrobucks and that was that.