Can a mod help me out?

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31-01-2008 12:54:53

I'm having some issues with my account. I had a single dispute 2 years ago with this guy named Sparhawk. He could not wait for a manual credit so he tried to destroy my name. I ended up paying him AND greening for him...and he ended up getting me on hold (later to be reversed) and on some kind of FiPG trading probation.

If anything, it was me who got the short end of the stick in that sparhawk debacle. Manual credit is required from time to time, it's not usually helped.

So if one of you guys could help me out I'd appreciate it. You can ask anyone that I've traded with (except him).

thank you in advance


31-01-2008 12:58:57

you have to contact the site owner, not FIPG MODs


31-01-2008 13:07:24

no no, I'm find on all the sites. It's FiPG that I'm having issues with. I seemed to be locked out of trading.


31-01-2008 17:10:06

I think TSJ has looked into your situation. Have you tried to initiate a trade again since this morning?


31-01-2008 17:34:12