Someone called to get my NAS for taxes, I am confused

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29-01-2008 04:56:29

Ok, so I am away for a year, right now somewhere in Europe. Apparently someone called my home and ended up speaking to my parents, asking them for my NAS number, which is the social insurance number in Canada, for freebies. Now, the guy who called left a number, which apparently is from Beckley, WV. His name is too common for me to recognise the site owner from it, and he didn't leave any other info. Before I call him and spend a lot on international calls, can anyone tell me if they had a similar experience? I have no idea how I am supposed to declare the taxes (which, btw, I think I need to send them in april only).

If any site owner recognises himself please pm me )

Thanks for any help!


29-01-2008 07:38:48

Sounds like ZeroPriceTags to me -)


29-01-2008 09:59:44

[quote75259e747d="TryinToGetPaid"]Sounds like ZeroPriceTags to me -)[/quote75259e747d]
West Virginia?
I'd say so...


30-01-2008 05:39:25

It is ZPT ) thanks guys.

Anyone knows how much tax i'll pay? or how the whole process works?


30-01-2008 09:06:33

Talk to an accountant. )


30-01-2008 10:23:57

I don't know any who are aware of


30-01-2008 10:32:39

There's nothing special about freebies -- it's income, plain and simple. At least as far as US taxes go. And I don't think you're going to get much help on Canadian taxes here. Nor should you look for it here anyway, as with all things legal you should consult a pro. Everyone's tax situation is different, so nobody can tell you what effect it will have on you.