Has this Every Happened to YOU?

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28-01-2008 10:53:48

I had a referral sign up for me on a 2 credit site a long time ago and he went green. That same day I placed an order and they said one of his credits were revoked so my order was denied. They told me if I get another referral that my order would automactically be re-submitted.

I got another referral and he is almost green. I log in this morning and my account is on hold. They said they called both of my referrals and they said that they never signed up for the site. So my account is on hold for giving false information (Fraud).

I didn't do anything wrong but send 2 different referrals to the site and now I'm on hold. Has this ever happened to any one? If so what's your advice.

sandra habina

28-01-2008 11:23:12

Say what? Are these refs from FIPG forum? How would you know their information? I am confused about this one.

Wow (


28-01-2008 12:00:29

Yeah, one of the refs. is here on FIPG, the other one I don't know about...I think he was new and just up and quit the whole freebie thing. I got 1 ref right now who is on the verge of going green and the site put me on hold because they think that I made up My referrals account. But what don't make sense is they put me on hold but not my ref.


28-01-2008 13:25:25

It sounds like your referrals are signing up with false information (identify fraud)


28-01-2008 13:29:23

Yeah, thats what it was. I got every thing taken care of. Thanks


03-02-2008 22:23:05

So, they actually called the refs at home?


04-02-2008 13:58:31

[quote66afef042e="michelle-kcmo"]So, they actually called the refs at home?[/quote66afef042e]

Some sites will do that in order to confirm suspicious users are on the up and up [i66afef042e][b66afef042e]or[/b66afef042e][/i66afef042e] not.



13-02-2008 21:55:51

woww...that sucks especially when its a 2 credit site.Those are kinda hard to get people to do in the first place


14-02-2008 08:48:27

I've had two of my accounts places on hold. I had to send them a copy of my DL and a utility bill and then they reinstated them. I don't know who they call or what they check, but it looks like they get their accounts criss-crossed or something.