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26-01-2008 06:52:02

Hello, Everyone!

If you want to go beyond method 1, greening for cash, then this tutorial is for you!

For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going assume that you have done a few trades for cash, ideally no more than three or four.

Before you want to start paying for greens, you’ll want to be prepared. It is true that you can jump right into paying for greens directly from greening for cash, but it is a much more difficult transition and more likely than not, you will find yourself frustrated for lack of referrals. This is because there are many more people paying for greens than there are looking to go green, which makes for an extremely competitive environment.

To be fully prepared, you need more than a few bucks in your Paypal with which to pay your referrals and you want enough TR to be competitive and to make people feel comfortable about trading with you.

The way to increase your TR and build up that Paypal account at the same time is through referral for referral trading, or green for green (g4g) trading.

Why should you trade green for green? Trading green for green has several advantages over paying for greens

li Less competition. There are fewer traders to compete against for referrals
li You make more profit Say that you are looking for three referrals to get a $120 prize. If you pay $20 per referral, your profit is $60. If you trade green for green with three people, you can keep most of that $120 as pure profit, less the expenses in offers.
li Every trade you do builds up your TR. The more TR you have, the more willing people will be to trade with you.
li Each green you get is an additional site you can collect prizes from.

You can trade green for green as long as you have offers that are of interest to you. This is very individual and depends on what you like and what is available in terms of offers on freebie sites. You can extend this a little by thinking of offers you can do as gifts for friends and family.

Generally, it becomes harder to find enough offers of interest to make a green on any one site the more trades you have done. When you have reached this stage, whenever that is for you, it is time to move on to paying for greens.

By this time, you should have a TR rating of 10 or greater. (The higher the better.) Now you need to make a trade thread that grabs the attention of the new people coming in. Think about what drew you to a particular trader when you first started and emulate the things you liked about it.

How you create your thread is entirely up to you you can go directly to the forum interface and click on "post new thread" in the Paying for Referrals section and start typing away, playing with the different text options, and adding a picture or two, if you like, or you can use any word processing program to hone your thread to your liking before copying and pasting into the forum.

You can always go back and edit your thread at any time. I am always editing mine.

You will have quite a few sites for which you are looking for referrals. Don’t list them all; list no more than three or four of these sites.

By concentrating on just a few sites, you will be able to cash out more quickly than scattering your referrals over a huge number of sites. Also, you want to choose sites that are “repeatable and forever green” meaning that you can cash out over and over again without having to complete the offer requirements again.

Tip Subscribe to your thread. This will allow you to have ready access to it without searching for it all the time.

After you have set up your trade thread, you’ll want to add a link to it in your signature.

To make your signature line really work, you need to post a lot all around the forum. Post, post, post, and post some more. Answer the questions of the new people coming in, give helpful advice, post a tutorial or two to share the knowledge you’ve gained in your trading experience.

Not only does posting a lot give you great exposure via your signature link, it increases your post count. People are more apt to trust you if they see that you are active participant in the community.

sandra habina

28-01-2008 11:39:06

Wow - very well written. [bc3d3911c08]Good information[/bc3d3911c08].[/colorc3d3911c08] [bc3d3911c08] BUT YOUR TITLE IS CONFUSING. [/bc3d3911c08] I think doing a few more trades for cash is fine. Most people would not run out of offers to enjoy until 15-20 trades. So I think doing 10 for cash is great and also finding site for site. I know I personally did not start posting for refs until my TR was 14+

I also think there should be a rule that traders can not post a thread until they have at least 4 TR. That way they get experience and there is less possibility of scams and errors. IMO

Thank you for this information. New traders need to read it. I know I am going to send my newbies here instead of typing this all out in PMs for them. )