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Freebie Forums are unique communities on the Internet centered around freebie trading..the buying and selling of "greens". It won't take long, once someone visits a freebie forum, for them to discover that green is actually gold! Twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, freebie forums are bustling with activity not unlike the pit at the NYSE. Freebie traders, all of them, looking for other traders and newbies willing to complete offers and go green for them. In return, the freebie trader pays the other trader or newbie for going green.

Freebie Forums are the result of prizes and cash that IFWs, or Incentivized Websites, payout to traders for recruiting enough referrals to join the IFW that the trader qualifies for cash or prizes. Let me explain. IFW's are in the business of advertising. Advertising is HUGE business[/color45f93ad3c4][/size45f93ad3c4] on the Internet today in case anyone has yet to tell you or you've been living in the Amazon rain forest for the last 15 years. So huge that companies pay billions of dollars every year[/color45f93ad3c4][/size45f93ad3c4] to advertise on the Internet. IFWs are conduits for advertisements by companies like Blockbuster for example. Blockbuster places offers on the IFW and offers discounts in the form of trial periods to entice us to try their product. Once we try the service or product, companies such as Blockbuster hope that we enjoy their product so much that we become a regular customer.

The IFW in turn gives us credits for completing trial periods or offers even if we decide not to keep the product being offered. Once we complete enough offers we are green. This is what the trader in the freebie forum is after and why he wants to pay you to go green. The reason he will pay you to go green is he or she has already done enough offers on the site previously and they now want to collect their cash or prize. See, once you go green on the IFW you are qualified for the IFW and now all you have to do is get enough referrals to collect your cash or prize. This is how freebie forums came about. Freebie forums are venues for traders to pay people to complete offers and go green for them. Once you go green and the trader pays you, he is one step closer to collecting is cash or prize. He then moves on to the next person and pays them to go green which brings him even closer to receiving his payout from the IFW.

Freebie forums have sub-threads with headings such as Looking To Complete Offers. This sub-thread in the freebie forum is where people post a message telling traders that they are willing to complete offers and get paid to go green. This is where the action starts in the freebie forum. Once the the announcement is made that a person is looking to complete offers or LTCO, the freebie forum comes alive with traders sending messages to the person that they have certain websites available for him to green on and how much they will pay them for going green.

Usually in the freebie forum the trade is worked out behind the scenes through PM(Private Message). After the terms are set, the freebie forum has what is called a trade manager. The trade is set up along with what IFW is to be greened on and how much the trader is paying for the green. Once this is complete and confirmed, the LTCO person receives the traders referral number for the IFW through a referral link. Once you receive your own referral link from the IFW you will use your link for referrals to green for you. The LTCO person clicks the link and it takes him to the IFW and the LTCO person begins completing offers. Once the correct amount of offers has been completed by the LTCO person, he is green and now qualified to go out and get his own referrals to collect his cash or prize.

After the LTCO person completes the offers and goes green, he then returns to the freebie forum and informs the trader that he is now green. Once the trader confirms that the LTCO person is in fact green, he pays the LTCO person through PayPal. After the LTCO confirms receipt of the payment he returns to the freebie forum trade manager and completes the trade. Everyone is now happy. The trader got his referral and is now closer to getting his payout from the IFW and the LTCO person got paid and now has the IFW as his own to now start recruiting referrals and collecting his own cash or prize in the freebie forum.

Another sub-thread you will find in freebie forums is Paying for Green. This is where traders have there own sub-thread set up with what IFWs they have available and what they pay for each IFW on completion and going green. Some traders in the freebie forums offer bonuses for greening on multiple sites for them. Instead of a LTCO person posting on the Looking To Complete Offers thread in the freebie forum, he can browse through the Paying for Green thread and visit each traders sub-thread to see what IFW's he has available and what he is paying and if there are any bonuses available for multiple IFW's. This is usually the best way if you are looking to complete offers since you can browse undisturbed in the freebie forum and initiate a trade with the trader of your choosing.

Also you will find a sub-thread in the freebie forum under the heading, green for green. Green for green means that each trader will green on each others IFW. For example, if you have just one more referral to cash out and another trader has an IFW you've had your eye on, you can initiate a trade with the other trader to go green for him on his IFW and he can green for you on your IFW. You pick up your last referral needed to cash out and collect your cash or prize. You also have another IFW to add to your arsenal. Plus you didn't have to pay the other trader a penny because you greened for him on his IFW. Basically it's a wash but you both benefit. This type of trade is also set up in the trade manger in the freebie forum as are all others.

Not only is trading in freebie forums a legitimate way to make money[/color45f93ad3c4][/size45f93ad3c4] working from home, but freebie forums are notoriously great places to meet new people and make new friends. You will find that the freebie forum community is filled with friendly and helpful people all focused on one goal...getting the green!

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Very nice outline of the business. NEWBIES MUST READ THIS THREAD!!!! Nice Job!


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Although, I think the technical nature in which it's written may overwhelm some new people.