2 day Slim Down, Momentum Direct , PROBLEMS

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25-01-2008 06:29:38

Why hasn't any site pulled this offer off the list. I did it on 11/29/07, I received it 1/20/08. Its a standard 14 day trail w/ the only way of paying is checking account. Low and behold, you can't contact them to cancel, and you are probably not going to get a refund. TRADERS BEWARE!! By the way I never got credit for it either!! How can we stop the bank charges????


26-01-2008 08:10:35

A lot of people complain about Momentum Direct offers. I was a little nervous about it, but I did the Amazon Diet offer. It turned out that I wasn't able to take the product due to a medication conflict, so I had to return it. I followed Momentum Direct's requirements and never had a problem.

It's definitely vital to read the TOS of any offer before completing it so you don't get surprised!


26-01-2008 10:31:05

It did take a few phone calls, but I did eventually get Momentum Direct to refund the money they took out of my account that they should not have. Be sure to keep notes on when you call and the name of the person you talk to, as well as what they promise.


31-01-2008 20:51:18

Thanks I stopped all debits to my checking account and now it only allows credits. So they can only refund me!!


03-02-2008 13:12:32

I did that offer and didn't have a problem with it. It was just recently though.


03-02-2008 18:37:51

I'm still upset that they received my order 11/29/07 (clearly printed on receipt) and I didn't get it until 1/22/08. What type of processing is that??? Like I said I locked my account so they can't take anymore, but I did get a hold of them and they did agree to give me back my $108 via check when I send the remainder of the product back! So I get to wait and see.


03-02-2008 21:32:06

Honestly, I think you'll end up ok. I've never had a problem with Momentum Direct (fingers crossed). Although, it's very irritating to have money tied up that you didn't want tied up. Hey, $100 is $100, ya know!



09-02-2008 19:42:12

UPDATE, I did finally get through, hit redial like 100 times. I was so mad I wanted all money back, which they agreed, no problem there. Let's see when that check comes. Thanks for everyones support! There is no excuse for a (in my TOS says, I copy, paste, and save all TOSs) "14 day trial" (They said) 30 day trial to come a month and a half later.


10-02-2008 07:49:26

i had problems with this offer myself. They pulled money out of my account before they were suppose to and I also never recieved credit. I was just happy to get my money back from them. I hope you got your money back and know that you are not alone with this offer and I wonder myself why it wasnt pulled. I even did an mcr on this and never got credit.